Sunday, December 21, 2008

No more carpet in the bathroom!!!

Terry and I laid this floor on Friday I am so proud of us. I love the new floor. I just need to do some touch up painting and stain the wood and then Terry and I are done with the bath. Oh and we want to take down the old trim and put new up. I am so proud of my husband. and me. toot toot. lol


Terrace Crawford said...

Just ran across your blog. Nice work on the bathroom. I don't blame you for getting rid of carpet.

Merry Christmas,
--Terrace Crawford


Angie said...

We had carpet in our old trailer BR and when we pulled it up it was SOOOO nasty the floor underneath had to be replaced! NASTY! Looks nice hun!

Abbi said...

Looks nice! So much better than carpet! Isn't it fun to get projects done around the house?!

Minkydo said...

Looks nice! Great work you two.