Sunday, September 26, 2010

Am I ready.

I want to go to Heaven I think most everyone does. The problem that i face is not saying sorry and loving God now it is my prayer and study life. I have decided that I will not go all three times to services and make it a have to thing and not something that I look forward to and love to do. I know that some might think that this is wrong and maybe I might again later too but for now I want to want to go not feeling forced or that it is just a habit. I love to learn and love to study but understanding and accepting things have not always been my strong suit. Please pray for me I grow in my Christian life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something to think about.

Today I did not want to go to church. I love to sleep and ended up waking up at a little before six and did not get to bed till like 2. I thought I would run late and then just not go. So when I got outta the shower at like thirty after I could not not go. I went with the wrong attitude but I went and Dan wrote the sermon for me(or so it seemed). It was on forsaking the assembly. He said that you could be at church and still forsake. To many times that is what I used to do I went because I had to not because I wanted to worship or learn something. But everytime I went I learned something just like today. So what is more important the attitude in which you go to Church with or the attitude you leave with? Is one more important than the other? Do we go for God or the great fellowship? Things I need to think about. As I work towards being a good person.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

vacation part 1

oops these ended up backwards. I may never get the hang of all of this. We started off the vacation with a visit from the kids and their Mom. It was so great to see them and they look so good. Miss them already. Then we got to spend the night with Carrie and Roger. that was fun. I am surprised how Eavan just came to me and wanted me to pick her up.

Then is South Dakota we saw all of this stuff. We don't wear nor ever would wear fur but that billboard was so funny that I had to share. We went through this 1880's town and it was cool. I think that more people should help keep history alive like that. We camped at the coolest camp site. They had a pool and a mini golf thing all for the low price of 15 dollars.

We at first stopped at a lot of
things and then realized that we were not going to hit Bismarck in time for the Saturday visit with Byron so we put a stop to seeing the little things. Which I am glad because we spent about 5 hours at what my next post will be about.