Monday, August 24, 2009

con't on in the journey to find 1000 things thankful for

13. My Mother in law she is so thankful for the little things
14. Casper not going to far when he got out today.
15. Nieces and Nephews who still like to sit on my lap at what 20.
16. Facebook it has made it so easy to stay in touch.
17. Sweet little giggles that make you smile
18. ice cold water that hits the spot
19. Bills sorta
20. Princess barking at the person that tried to rob our house the other night and stopped not the first time this has happened.
21. Hy-Vee for allowing Terry to come home when his wife called in a panic cuz of number 20.
22. I was able to help someone in need.
23. Sweet little Casper kisses at 2 am to wake you to give him love.
24. fresh air
25. Menard's being close enough that we can run there about three times a week.
enough for now

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Abbi said...

It was fun to read your list! I am thank-ful that the intruder got scared off too. That would be scary!