Thursday, January 21, 2010

last night in the funny house

Terry has been getting only one day off a week for the last few months so we have been having our family night on Wednesday. last night I made S'mores and as with them comes a mess and a half. Destiny got some on her and she goes Angie I am turning too brown. Some of the things that she comes up with. I also have a game that ever one should have Apples too Apples. Even if they can not read they enjoy playing is what I have found.


Anna said...

We like to have s'mores around here for a fun treat, too. I have been making the marshmallows and they are great that way. I want to get Apples to Apples because it seems that it would be a good game for when we have a large group over. Is that so?

Abbi said...

We like Apples to Apples too! Though we haven't actually bought it yet (our game cupboard is already overflowing) but it seems pretty much everybody else has so at game nights there are usually several of them there.