Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something to think about.

Today I did not want to go to church. I love to sleep and ended up waking up at a little before six and did not get to bed till like 2. I thought I would run late and then just not go. So when I got outta the shower at like thirty after I could not not go. I went with the wrong attitude but I went and Dan wrote the sermon for me(or so it seemed). It was on forsaking the assembly. He said that you could be at church and still forsake. To many times that is what I used to do I went because I had to not because I wanted to worship or learn something. But everytime I went I learned something just like today. So what is more important the attitude in which you go to Church with or the attitude you leave with? Is one more important than the other? Do we go for God or the great fellowship? Things I need to think about. As I work towards being a good person.

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