Sunday, June 8, 2008

I am floored!!

Did everyone hear about the hit and run guy? Will if you didn't I will tell you a little about it. This guy was crossing the street and was hit it looked like people saw it and everything and they did nothing. In fact one guy crossed the street and was within 2 feet of the man. Have we really become so cold that human beings are left on the road to die like an animal? I cried. Cars even slowed a little to look. Sad state of our ONE NATION UNDER GOD!! Hate to be those people trying to live with what they did not do.


Abbi said...

I did hear about that. It is so terrible! I can't even imagine why people would do that.

Katie said...

Actually my Aunt died in a hit and run two years ago. She was crossing the street late at night in Brooklyn. She was in a sort a' daze and a car that was going way to fast, didn't see her. People stopped and helped her though. The guy pulled over and when he saw what happened he got scared and hopped back in his car and drove off. I think they caught the guy though. The whole thing happened right in front of a radio shack and they had a camera aimed toward the street. (I don't know, maybe so you could see yourself on t.v. as you walk by?) Why it was on late at night, I don't know. Sad world. I am glad you got a blog Ang! How long have you had this?