Friday, June 6, 2008

Too Cute

The other day my niece Savannah called me so excited. She goes Auntie guess what I got it is something you have. I go YOU GOT A DOG!! YES she goes. She told me about him for about a min and goes my Mom will tell you more she had to play with him. She has wanted a dog forever. Oreo I guess kinda picked out her to be his owner he would go to her and they would take him home and he would come back to her. I am so glad that she got him I had to share it with you.


Angie said...

What kind of dog is Oreo? We had an Oreo he was a black LAB! wow was he a beast! I do miss him though!

Abbi said...

My kids have really been wanting a dog as well. It is so hard for us to decide what to do about that. That is neat that your neice was able to get one.

Ang said...

It is a a little dog. one of those shituzu. I don't know how it spell. anyway cute!