Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CARRIE is coming!

I am so excited to have my dear friend Carrie for a visit. I had to share. So as with any visit deep cleaning is in order. We have been in midst of rearranging cupboards and the kitchen too. And my fridge is in need of a good cleaning. Terry and I keep leftovers with the best intentions but they just seem to be science projects around here. We need to get better about that. Our guest room is all ready and the cats have been testing the bed. They love it when I put clean sheets on the bed. My children are a little bit spoiled. I just hope that if I am blessed with two legged ones they are not. Will off I go to get busy! have a great day


Angie said...

Fun I always enjoy having company! But you are right about having to do quite a bit of cleaning!

Abbi said...

Have fun!
We are hoping to come down to Iowa next month. I want to spend time with Grandma but I would love to see a bunch of you in Ottumwa as well if it would work out.