Friday, July 4, 2008

happy fourth!!

Hope that you all have big plans for the day! Terry is working and I have been battling ear infection and sinus infection so we will be having a blast. I plan on watching the fireworks on the TV I think that it is the Boston ones. Have a great day.

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Katie said...

Oh, ouch ear infections aren't fun. Belladona is the stuff! We had a small 4th of July celebration. Fireworks here, are not a once a year thing. People shoot them off for weddings and birthdays too. So we get to see little firework shows all the time. At new years, (unfortunately it is at midnight until two in the morning.) But it is pretty neat we get quite a show of fireworks. The kids certainly arn't lacking in that area. Have fun with your company. Actually I need to clean out my refrigerator too. I like having company since that is the time you get to get everything done. By the way we will somehow find a solution for the curtain eventually. Until then, I will just change in the bathroom. = )